Eternal Symbols: The Meaning Behind Different Engagement Ring Styles at Luxury Diamonds Canadian Brand

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. And the engagement ring is at the center of it all – a symbol of love, commitment, and an eternal bond. Luxury Diamonds, a leading Canadian diamond retailer based in Vancouver, offers stunning engagement rings in a variety of meaningful styles. Let’s explore some of the history and significance behind their best engagement rings vancouver settings.

Introduction to Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have become a cherished tradition, but their history stretches back centuries. The first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. This sparked a trend among European aristocracy to use diamonds in betrothal rings.

In more modern times, engagement rings took on a greater significance in the early 20th century. Brands like De Beers launched marketing campaigns that promoted diamonds as a symbol of love and commitment. The tradition of getting down on one knee to propose developed in this era as well.

Today, engagement rings carry deep meaning for couples all over the world. They represent the promise of marriage and a lasting, unbreakable bond.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire ring featuring a single sparkling diamond is arguably the most classic and popular engagement ring style. The solitaire diamond perfectly encapsulates the romance and splendor of the occasion.

Meaning Behind the Solitaire

The solitaire ring symbolizes the purity and singularity of the love between two people. It captures the idea that your partner is your “one and only.” The solitary diamond shines as the star, just like your future spouse.

Pros of Choosing a Solitaire Ring

  • Timeless and elegant look

  • Lets the diamond take the spotlight

  • Matches any style from vintage to modern

  • More affordable than multi-stone rings

Cons of Choosing a Solitaire Ring

  • Can seem plain to some

  • Only showcases one diamond

Popular Diamond Shapes for Solitaires

  • Round – Shows off maximum sparkle

  • Princess – Modern yet elegant

  • Oval – Unique elongated shape

Luxury Diamonds offers stunning round cut solitaires like this 1 Carat ring spotlighting excellent craftsmanship in a classic 6-prong setting. engagement ring 1

Luxury Diamonds Round Solitaire Ring. Image from

The Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings feature a center diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds to create a dazzling “halo” effect. The halo style has surged in popularity in recent years.

Meaning Behind the Halo

The halo symbolizes the radiance of your love. It gives the impression of one diamond “floating” within the other, representing how your love lifts your partner up. The halo also enlarges the look of the center diamond for added sparkle and presence.

Pros of Choosing a Halo Ring

  • Makes center diamond appear larger

  • Provides extra brilliance and fire

  • Can enhance diamonds with inclusions

  • Timeless look with a touch of glamor

Cons of Choosing a Halo Ring

  • Can overwhelm small finger sizes

  • More intricate setting means higher price

Popular Diamond Shapes for Halos

  • Round – Most common shape that shows off the halo well

  • Oval – Stunning with halo framing the elongated shape

  • Princess – Modern look with halo adding softness

This dazzling Luxury Diamonds Oval Halo ring pairs a 1.5 Carat oval diamond with a double halo for show-stopping brilliance. engagement ring 2

Luxury Diamonds Oval Halo Ring. Image from

The Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three-stone rings feature a center diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds on either side. This timeless style offers bold symbolism.

Meaning Behind the Three-Stone

The three diamonds represent your past, present, and future together. They also symbolize everlasting love. The side stones provide balance, just like how your partner balances you.

Pros of Choosing a Three-Stone Ring

  • Significant meaning and symbolism

  • Balance of side diamonds complements center stone

  • Matches any finger size or diamond shape

  • Can represent couple’s birthstones

Cons of Choosing a Three-Stone Ring

  • More expensive than single stone ring

  • Can seem busier compared to solitaire

Popular Diamond Shapes for Three-Stone Rings

  • Round – Most traditional option

  • Princess – Offers a modern twist

  • Emerald – Vintage inspired glamor

  • Asscher – Art Deco style

Luxury Diamonds’ Princess Cut Three-Stone ring combines the contemporary princess cut with a timeless three-stone design.

Luxurydiamonds engagement ring 3

Luxury Diamonds Three Stone Ring. Image from

The Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage and antique inspired engagement rings are rising in popularity for their romantic, heirloom look. Luxury Diamonds offers stunning vintage style rings.

Meaning Behind the Vintage Style

Vintage rings have an old-world sentimentality about them. They evoke timeless romance and a sense of history. Just like your love, these rings are enduring.

Pros of Choosing a Vintage Ring

  • Unique, sentimental style

  • Often feature ornate filigree detailing

  • Can use diamonds from family heirlooms

  • Honors tradition and craftsmanship

Cons of Choosing a Vintage Ring

  • Delicate detailing requires more care

  • May need re-sizing for proper fit

  • Not ideal if preferring modern look

Popular Diamond Shapes for Vintage Rings

  • Old European – Has a romantic rounded shape

  • Old Mine – Distinctive rectangular cushion shape

  • Emerald – Elegant Art Deco glamor

This Luxury Diamonds Vintage Ring features a 1 Carat Old European cut diamond for timeless beauty. engagement ring 4

Luxury Diamonds Vintage Ring. Image from

The Modern Engagement Ring

For brides-to-be who want a more contemporary style, modern engagement rings offer sleek, edgy designs. Luxury Diamonds has stunning modern rings to suit any taste.

Meaning Behind the Modern Style

Modern rings represent youth, modernity, and the exciting future ahead as you start a new chapter together. These rings celebrate your unique love story.

Pros of Choosing a Modern Ring

  • Contemporary, eye-catching style

  • Often feature diamond cuts like Asscher or Princess

  • Complements modern fashion and lifestyles

  • Customizable for a personalized look

Cons of Choosing a Modern Ring

  • Non-traditional shapes not for everyone

  • Can date over time

Popular Diamond Shapes for Modern Rings

  • Cushion – Offers a squared look

  • Radiant – Combines elegance with edge

  • Pear – Unique teardrop shape

  • Baguette – Sleek elongated shape

This Luxury Diamonds Modern Pear Cut ring makes a stunning statement with its contemporary asymmetry and split band design. engagement ring 5

Luxury Diamonds Modern Pear Cut Ring. Image from

The Custom Engagement Ring

For ultimate personalization, choosing a custom designed ring allows you to reflect your unique love in every detail. Luxury Diamonds offers full custom design services.

Meaning Behind a Custom Ring

When you design an engagement ring together from scratch, every element takes on special significance. The diamond choice, setting style, metal details – they all symbolize your unique relationship.

Pros of Choosing a Custom Ring

  • Reflects your personal tastes and story

  • Design it together for significance

  • Make it exactly how you envision

  • Tailor every detail from scratch

Cons of Choosing a Custom Ring

  • More time intensive design process

  • Generally more expensive

Luxury Diamonds’ custom design experts help you handcraft the ring of your dreams, like this gorgeous three-stone ring featuring emerald side stones. engagement ring 6

Luxury Diamonds Custom Designed Ring. Image from

Engagement Ring Settings

The setting, or metal frame, that holds the diamond also carries meaning and significance. Here’s an overview of some top engagement ring settings along with their pros, cons, and ideal diamond shapes.

Prong Setting

  • Most popular solitaire setting

  • Lets in maximum light for brilliance -Best with Round and Princess cuts

  • Can snag on fabrics

Bezel Setting

  • Classic vintage style

  • Offers a sleek, modern look

  • Provides protection for the diamond

  • Can make diamond appear smaller

Halo Setting

  • Creates dazzling “floating” effect

  • Boosts center diamond’s presence

  • Works with Round, Oval, Princess

  • More intricate so higher priced

Three-Stone Setting

  • Timeless look with added symbolism

  • Balances and complements center stone

  • Suits Round, Emerald, Asscher

  • More expensive than solitaire

Side Stone Setting

  • Additional diamonds add sparkle

  • Allows for creative combinations

  • Flatters Round, Princess, Emerald

  • Can overwhelm small hands

This table summarizes the key pros and cons of these top engagement ring settings:





Lets in maximum light, classic solitaire look

Can snag on fabrics


Offers protection, sleek modern look

Can make center diamond appear smaller


Creates dazzling floating effect

More intricate so higher priced


Added meaning and symbolism

More expensive than solitaire

Side Stone

Additional sparkle and creativity

Can overwhelm small hands


When it comes to engagement rings, the options are plentiful. But by understanding the meaning and symbolism behind different styles, you can choose something that truly reflects your love. Luxury Diamonds offers stunning settings from classic solitaires to vintage inspired designs to modern custom creations. Their collection of high quality diamonds and handcrafted rings make it easy to find the perfect ring to represent your eternal bond. Let their experts guide you in finding the ideal ring to symbolize your unique relationship and bright future ahead. The engagement ring you choose will be worn for decades to come – so let it celebrate your singular, irreplaceable love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Rings

What does an engagement ring symbolize?

An engagement ring symbolizes love, commitment and the promise of marriage. The unbroken circular band represents eternal love without beginning or end.

What is the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings?

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape for engagement rings, making up about 75% of all diamonds sold. Its 58 facets maximize sparkle and brilliance.

What are the 4 C’s to look for when choosing a diamond?

The 4 C’s are carat, cut, clarity and color. Carat is the diamond’s weight. Cut refers to proportions that maximize brilliance. Clarity is the diamond’s internal flaws. Color grades whiteness.

What are engagement ring settings made of?

Engagement ring settings are typically made from precious metals like platinum, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Platinum is the most expensive and durable.

How can I determine my girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing?

To determine ring size secretly, borrow one of her existing rings and have it professionally sized. You can also have friends or family ask her casually or measure her finger when she’s sleeping.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

While the “three months salary” rule is outdated, typical engagement ring spending is around $5,000-$10,000 in the U.S. Determine your budget based on factors like income, existing debt, and wedding plans.

When should I give an engagement ring?

The proposal and presentation of the ring traditionally occurs before the wedding date is set. Many couples shop for rings together but the proposal can still be a surprise.

What are lab created diamonds?

Lab created or man-made diamonds are grown in a controlled environment to mimic natural diamonds. They have identical properties but tend to cost less. Natural diamonds form underground over billions of years.

What is a diamond grading report?

A grading report from GIA or AGS provides an independent analysis of the 4 C’s and confirms it is a real diamond. Make sure any diamond purchase includes this documentation.

In Summary

An engagement ring embodies so much meaning. Let your ring reflect your love journey and represent the bright future you’ll share. With Luxury Diamonds selection of stunning designer rings or custom creations, you can find the perfect symbolic representation of your eternal bond. Contact their diamond experts to explore designs and find your ideal ring today.