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Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

The Greater Toronto Area added kilometres of new bike lanes, making it considerably more bicycle-friendly. However, there are hazards associated with riding, including those caused by careless or imprudent drivers, unsuspecting pedestrians, harsh weather, and poor road conditions. Because a bicycle is considered a vehicle under Ontario's Highway Traffic Act, much like a car or truck, cyclists must share the road with other road users (such as automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.). However, cyclists are just as likely to sustain catastrophic injuries in a car/bicycle collision as pedestrians. Therefore, you should speak with a bicycle accident lawyer who focuses on obtaining compensation for medical costs, pain, suffering, and lost income if you are hurt in a bicycle accident.

What you need to do

Knowing what to do and how to proceed after a bike accident might significantly affect your rehabilitation and compensation claim. Follow the instructions in our Accident Injury Guide as soon as possible if you have sustained a significant injury in a bike accident. Keep your worn-out clothes and bicycle equipment; they could be crucial evidence in a court of law.

What do I do if I get hit by a bike?

Knowing what to do and how to proceed after a bike accident can significantly affect your rehabilitation and your ability to pursue financial compensation. Therefore, you should take the measures suggested in our ontario car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you have sustained a significant injury in a riding accident.

What you need to know

Even though bicycles are considered vehicles, under the Highway Traffic Act, cyclists are often regarded as pedestrians and are thus given the right-of-way on the roadways. However, the rider suffers damage in almost all car-bike collisions. In Ontario, cyclists injured in a car accident are covered by Accident Benefits, also known as No-Fault Benefits. You have the right to file a lawsuit against the motorist who caused or contributed to the collision if the other party was entirely or substantially at fault. A tort claim, often known as a lawsuit based on the spot, allows you to ask for damages to be paid.

Should I get a lawyer after a minor accident?

You should speak with a qualified bicycle accident lawyer even if you believe you are at fault because you can still be a victim of carelessness. Ice or snow-covered roads, surface flaws, poor road design, or sightline impediments are examples of possible neglect. In order to file a notice of pending lawsuit against a city or municipality, you must do so within 10 days of the incident. It is crucial that you connect with a car accident law firm straight away so that they can take the required actions to defend your rights.

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